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EasyTender – Public Procurement: How to Participate in a Transparent Tender

How to participate in the tender, while having a chance to win? Since recently, the victory in public procurement has become real thanks to the system “Transparent”. Now all public government auctions must go online through the ProZorro electronic database. It has already happened: using “Transparent” allows saving public money and opening up opportunities for business.

Participation in the tender

Now ProZorro can co-operate with 10 platforms, where tenders are held. These sites are part of “Transparent”. The user works directly with them. That is, the performer registers on one of these web platforms, chooses a tender that suits his interests and participates in it. Sami sites contain the same information – a list of government procurement. Differ only features of each of the sites. The user simply chooses which interface is more convenient for him. How to participate in electronic bids?

How bids are held for prior purchasing

A contract purchase is announced when its amount does not exceed 200 000 hryvnias (in the case of the goods) and 1,5 million hryvnias (in the case of work execution).

First of all, you need to select an electronic platform and register there. Next you need to follow the algorithm:

  • Choose a bid that most attracts the supplier.
  • The supplier may ask the customer. The customer, in turn, responds to them.
  • The supplier declares his willingness to bid. To his application, he attaches documents that indicate that he can fulfill the requirements of the customer.
  • The supplier trades at the auction, trying to offer the most advantageous price.
  • The winner is determined automatically. The customer studies the package of documents for participation in the tender, and if the winner’s papers reveal an error or inconsistency, the customer has the right to refuse such an executor.
  • At the end, the customer and the winner of the bidding sign a cooperation agreement.

How are super-threshold (over-threshold) purchases

If the amount of the transaction exceeds 200 000 (in the case of goods) or 1,5 million UAH. (In the case of services), the auctions are conducted a little differently.

If the customer decides that he will arrange open bidding, then purchases will be made according to the scheme described above. The second version of the tender is a competitive dialogue. If the customer encounters difficulties in determining the quality of the goods or services, the auctions are held in two stages. An exclusive procedure that replaces a tender is negotiation. But it happens only in special cases.

It is worth noting that most of the bids received by the winners of tenders are due to deficiencies in the submitted tender documentation. That is why before submitting the documents for a tender, they should be carefully checked.

What documents are needed for a tender in Transoir

Before the announcement of the customer turns out to be “Transparent”, a detailed tender is being prepared. The customer writes out the subject of the competition, submits the requirements to the participants, announces the criteria by which the winner will be selected, publishes a draft contract, which will be concluded after the best performer has been identified.

The singer must familiarize himself with this documentation in the first place. It is based on the decision whether to participate in such a competition.

A supplier needs a package of documents that includes:

  • the charter of the company-executor;
  • a certificate confirming the registration of the firm;
  • guarantee that the ordered work will be performed;
  • certificates from state agencies that this enterprise has the right to participate in electronic tenders, etc.

As we see, the list of documents for participation in the tender provided by suppliers is more solid. It is more difficult to assemble and match. In order to avoid losing the bargain due to some legal formalities, we recommend that you contact Easy Tender for tender support. This complex of services will help to bring all documents in order and minimizes the risk that the tender documents will contain inaccuracies.

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