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Blog | All about the tender
Preparation for the tender. Why work better with specialists Government procurement and private tenders are a very serious source of income for any company that produces or provides various services. The procurement system, which is built on the legislative level – a complex mechanism, and orientation in it requires a large amount of knowledge and […]
Appeal of results of procurement procedures To win a tender is the purpose of any of its participants. However, sometimes it is necessary to challenge the results of procurement procedures. This occurs in cases where the performer encounters an unlawful behavior of the customer. Often, the performer is not ready for the fact that he […]
Tenders for construction: make sure the procedure is transparent In Ukraine, electronic public procurement has recently started to happen according to a simple and understandable scheme. Therefore, tenders for construction, concluded through the system “Prozor”, have become much more affordable. Everything was won by this innovation: the state could spend less money on the goods […]
Tender for repair work: offers that are always The system of open procurement allows any state institution or individual to place in the Prozoro system their order for holding a tender for repair work and to select the optimal performer. In turn, any private master, team or construction firm can respond to the customer’s offer […]
Agrotender – a real victory in a tough competition In Ukraine, all government purchases pass through the “Transparent” system. There is no exception to the sphere of agriculture. Agrotender allows you to make the necessary purchases as much as possible. In such circumstances, the customer receives savings, and the performer is a long-term contract. The […]
Tenders for medical equipment: how complex it became available Once tender for medical equipment was an area where the chance companies did not win. A third party bidder (as beneficial, rational and timely there was no proposal) could not win medical tenders due to complicated corruption schemes. However, the “Prozoro” system has become unrealistic everyday, […]
Tender for the provision of services: the rules of the game The section of tenders for rendering services is increasing every day. On the one hand, not only state but also commercial enterprises understand that holding tenders for services is a good way to find a good performer, but at the same time to save […]
How to win a tender for furniture and save your time Tender for furniture – a common phenomenon for government agencies. Now all similar purchases pass through the Prozoro system. After in Ukraine this innovation has earned at full capacity, representatives of domestic business had the opportunity to compete and win in it. However, it […]
Tenders for supply: the best offer for business Tenders for the supply of something – a universal offer for any business. Since the system of “Prozoro” began to operate in Ukraine, the bids have become really effective, and anyone can win them. For example, the tenders for the supply of equipment are an opportunity for […]
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